Ikaria is connected with the harbor of Piraeus in daily base with its 2 harbors the Evdilos and the Agios Kirikos, as well as with other islands with regular local itineraries.

For the conventional boats, the time of arrival from the harbor of Piraeus without intermediary stop varies roughly in the 7:30 – 9:00 hours, according the boat, the period and of course the intermediary stops.

In order for you to come in then Armenistis or nearly regions, we consult you to prefer, the harbor of Evdilos because the time up to the Armenistis is roughly 25 minutes, in opposition from the Agios Kirkos where the time is roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes.

In order to check and you program the arrival you should visit tin web page of Ministry of Commercial Shipping, where you can see the daily departures of boats from the harbour of Piraeus, the type of boat and the intermediary attitudes.

Also the approach in the Ikaria island is feasible and from air, because there are regular itineraries of Olympic Air from the airport El. Venizelos. Also the Sky Express fly to Ikaria.

In the Christ of Ridges you will find also Public First aids, as clinic. (They exist also in the Evdilos).

Also, private doctors, you can find in the around region, as well as in the Evdilos.
The nearest drugstore exists in the Christos of Raches

You can find banks in the region, however you can be served via cash card in the Evdilos.

In the Christ of Ridges exists post – postal savings bank.

In the Armenjsti you can find gaz station roughly 2 km outside the new street for the Raches.
Gaz station exists also in the Ridges, before the Christ of Ridges. Also other gaz station you can find at the Avlaki, in the street that connects the Gialiskari with the Evdilos.
The tarred roads are in good situation, and most of the earth-roads are accessible for the cars, without particular difficulty.
Transport exists, no however frequent, that connects the Armenistis and the around regions with the harbors.

* The distances from the capital of island Agios Kirkos the most distant from region harbor, as follows:

Agios Kirikos —> Gialiskari 55 klm
Agios Kirikos  —> Armenistis 57klm
Agios Kirikos  —>Nas 63 klm
Agios Kirikos  —>Raches 64 klm

* The distances from Evdilos ,to nearest  harbor from  the region, as follows:

Evdilos —> Gialiskari 11 klm
Evdilos —> Armenistis 13 klm
Evdilos —> Nas 17 klm
Evdilos —> Raches 20 klm


The local red wine and the famous honey from pine are considered to the best products of Ikaria island in all Greece. There are enough labels of small producers in local groceries where you can supply yourself.

Ikaria is famous for the production goats as well as for the «raskos».
Also dairy products of most excellent quality mainly from goat milk as the cheese “ “ kathoura ».

* Museums representing the history of island Ikaria will find in the following regions:

KAVOS : Archaeological Collection

AGIOS KIRIKOS: Archaeological Museum

PERDIKI : Folklore Museum

VRAKADES: Folklore Museum

Often in the region takes action various artistic actions like theatrical representations, cultural nights ,exhibitions, musical concerts, and other events.

The traditional patronal festivals are very famous. For more information click here